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  • Pre-School | Infinite Questions and Complete Answers

    Our engaging environment is the best introduction to your child's upcoming schooling

    As our toddler’s transition to pre-school, they continue to learn through play. Ranging from 2 ½ – 4 years pre-schoolers are curious by nature and our holistic program encourages their inquisitiveness and eagerness to explore, question and discover. The pre-school program gradually introduces conceptual learning focusing on math, logical reasoning, scientific exploration, vocabulary development and physical education. Carefully crafted curriculums based on classroom interest encourage curiosity and a love for learning. 

    Our comprehensive program goes a step further, introducing our pre-schoolers to their creative side where children engage in art, music, movement, technology and drama. Engaging in group and independent activities, children learn at their own pace exploring the multitude of tools and stimuli in their classrooms while building confidence and skill sets that pave the way for kindergarten.


    With Mississauga pre-school daycare by Westpark Early Learning Centre, your child will be well prepared for the structure, social life, and learning opportunities of school.
    The Westpark Early Learning Centre Team , Mississauga.

    The Westpark Early Learning Centre Team, Mississauga.