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  • The difference between early learning and childcare

    The difference between early learning and childcare

    While both early learning centres and childcare provide some education, Early Learning Education makes it a priority to teach children a curriculum that teaches interpersonal and social skills.

    Toddler Care at Westpark includes countless options for advanced development. Our priority is building the perfect social atmosphere for your child to grow by leaps and bounds

    On the other hand, childcare mainly includes a child learning to interact with other children their age, an environment that is different from the child’s home, fundamental education like ABCs and 123, and it usually doesn’t require a child to be potty-trained. Daycare institutions typically focus on providing supervised care for your children, while ELE centres focus on teaching children skills that are essential at an early age.

    Our Registered Early Childhood Educators are committed to application of early learning programs customized for each age group. Educators closely follow and refer to the Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings, also known as the ELECT document

    They continually observe children to develop a plan and activities that are developmentally appropriate while meeting each child’s individual needs. Through the planned activities, children develop and expand on the skills from the Five Domains of Child Development; which are:Cognitive: learning cause-and-effect, reasoning, as well as early-math skillsPhysical, Health and Well-Being: mastering movement, balance and fine and gross motor skillsSocial/Emotional: creating and maintaining relationships with others and understanding emotionsCommunicative: learning alphabetics, phonemic awareness, oral, and written language.Adaptive: learning skills for daily living and self-help.

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