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  • Toddler Care at Westpark Early Learning Centre in Mississauga

    Toddler Care at Westpark Early Learning Centre in Mississauga

    Westpark has been operating as a successful and premier Daycare/Early Learning Center since 1988. We provide care and early child development for children from 18 months to 6 years. At our newly renovated facility, we offer music and French to all children. We take pride in our on site kitchen, where food and snacks are cooked daily. Our experienced staff has been a crucial factor in our growth. Collectively we have significant experience – we have a diversified team who has been with us from 5 years to over 25 years. We invite you to visit us and feel the Westpark experience!

    Toddler Care at Westpark includes countless options for advanced development. Our priority is building the perfect social atmosphere for your child to grow by leaps and bounds

    Ages 15 months – 2 ½ years

    For our Toddler Program, our educators heavily focus on children’s five main domains of development. Learning happens from exploring their environment unconsciously. Our educators provide age appropriate materials and activities that are designed to arouse interest and involvement. Classrooms are carefully planned and divided into 6 significant play areas: reading area, sensory area, home area, block area and fine motor area. The areas are adapted to meet children’s interests and provide enriching exploration. “At our innovative Mississauga facility, your toddler will be able to explore and learn to their heart’s content.” – The Westpark Early Learning Centre Team, Mississauga.

    Contact us today for any questions about our services, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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